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Sex Church


Sex Church LIVE with Rev. Goddess Charmaine - Only on her Onlyfans page.  Saturdays at 12noon EST. 30 minute Erotic Service. Sex and Spirit turns me on, how about you?  I will teach you how to have church and fellowship within your holy body and channel your erotic energy upwards for healing, pleasure and manifestation.  Rev. Goddess will Guide you through: Prayer Meditation  Holy Body Anointing with the 5 Fold Kiss Movement/Dancing Short message for holy Body erotic growth  Self Love with chakra balancing and stop start to the heart sex and Spirit alignment  Orgasm with Orgasmic Bubble Expansion  Closing prayer  Bring your holy body and enjoy the pleasure of self loving and worshipping together for a higher purpose with Reverend Goddess.  Everyone joining Sex Church is encouraged to participate. What we can gain by joining Sex Church:  Build erotic community  Connect deeper within your holy body Increase your vibration  Feel more joy and pleasure  Release emotional blocks  Tips are encouraged during Sex Church! Thank you for rising with me! Saturday, December 2nd, from 12:00 to 12:30pm EST on OnlyFans! Click link to join onlyfans


Holy Body Naked Church ~ In Person Service 15th Anniversary Celebration!

The Holy Body Temple 370 Coldbrook RD, Bearsville

IN PERSON 15TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION SERVICE "Holy Body Naked Church is designed for individuals seeking a shift in life. It is for those who love to be naked and wish to merge that passion with spirituality. The Holy Body Naked Church is open to everyone who is willing to embrace new experiences.  It is for all people, including YOU, reading this NOW!” Holy Body Naked Church is an Interfaith “SkyClad” Clothing Optional worship service that celebrates the intimacy and uniqueness of the body and soul relationship through honoring and acknowledging the body as a temple and recognizing it as the vessel our soul chose for incarnation. The option of being naked or sky-clad during Service is used to further the expression of reverence and celebration of our body soul relationship to Source. Our bodies are miracles, beautiful complex ecosystems, walking art, each unique, holy and a piece of God/Goddess/Source. The ‘clothing optional’ is simply that, optional.  You are never required to be nude during service. It is a matter of choice and truth in the present moment based on how your body feels and wishes to express itself. In service, we view nudity as a form of transparency and intimacy. […]


Divine Feminine Realm Energetic Development Group ~ Women Only

Zoom 474474521

Divine Feminine Realm Energetic Development Group ~ Women Only     Available to All Women that have done the 3 Immersion Journey Sessions First. Goddess Blessings If you are interested in Journeying Into The Divine Feminine Realm, click link below to learn more.