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Shakti’s Serpent Rising Kundalini with Rev. Goddess (Women Only)

November 13, 2022 @ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Shakti’s Serpent Rising Kundalini with Rev. Goddess (Women Only)


Nude or Sarongs 

Online on Zoom

$75 per woman 120 minute session

Women, Awaken & Activate your Kundalini with Rev. Goddess! 

Allow her to guide you deep into your womb and root chakra power and raise it up into your heart and crown to release your serpent power and feminine abilities. 

“The world was deceived by a myth that said women caused the fall of man because she listened to the serpent who beguiled her to eat the forbidden fruit. In ancient cultures serpents and snakes are primordial wise beings. In Tantra Kundalini Shakti is seen as a snake resting coiled 3.5 times at the base of the spine. 

Raising Kundalini in a healthy and slow way (not forced) helps to balance and awaken the energy centers called chakras. Kundalini is vital life force and sexual energy! The forbidden fruit is our own sexual sovereignty and agency. 

As women, more than anything we’ve been taught to fear this power so that it could be used and manipulated by those who do not want us sovereign. Patriarchy is deeply afraid of the women who loves herself and is sexually empowered. 

Let’s step into the garden and reclaim our ancient wisdom Let’s remember the power of our sexuality. Let’s be naked and not ashamed!”

In this women only session we will activate our spark of all life within, and then invoke our kundalini energy and raise it  through our chakras with hand positions, visualizations, Ma Kali mantras and breath work. This will release any blocks as well and expand your energy field. Then merging  your pussy power with your heart will activate the serpent energy and you’ll learn how to channel this energy with the Sacred Middle Meditation that Rev. Goddess with teach. Releasing our ultimate sexual power with our kundalini, is the serpent power that is our feminine abilities. 

I Love this message: (From Sexual Secrets: “In the human body this energy is located primarily in the sexual region. It is the power of transformation, an uplifting and liberating force that, when awakened, leads to the ecstasy of fulfillment. It is the power of the orgasm, the thrill of sexual delight, the sudden flash of insight. Honor male and female qualities equally. Visualize yourselves rising, freed from attachments and the duality of the world. Visualize the Kundalini as a sensuous woman, a goddess, extremely beautiful and filled with eroticism.”)

Looking forward to rising with you all ladies!!

Preparation for the session:

Eat light, or fast

You’ll need a votive candle

A mirror

Yoni egg. Inserted if possible. 

Make up your face and place a bindi or jewel at your 3rd eye.

Wear a sensuous sarong or you can be nude wearing any body jewelry you desire. 

Sunday November 13th, 2022

12 Noon to 2pm EST!

$75.00 per woman

Prepaid through PayPal or CashApp

Pay The Sensuous Mystic LLC using PayPal.Me

Pay The Sensuous Mystic LLC using PayPal.Me 



I will send Zoom Link the day before session.

Goddess Blessings