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Energetic (BEing) Ceremonies ~ Uniting Sex & Spirit in All Ways!!

July 12, 2017 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Energetic (BEing) Ceremonies ~ Uniting Sex & Spirit in All Ways!!

The Boost ……Energetic (BEing) Ceremonies with Rev. Goddess Charmaine…(Get Your Boost On!)

Join the show tonight and get your boost on. Energetic Boost while Uniting Sex & Spirit. Rev. Goddess Charmaine offers these intensive ceremonies in her services to others. Tonight experience this and raise your vibration and expand your Flame of Life. With every ritual of self love (5 Fold Kiss and Honoring the Lingam) and outward blessing towards (Everyting I touch I change, Leave things better than you found it and Goddess Blessings) others we expand our flame and radiate brighter and we become stronger wiser and understand the messages from our intuition and learn how to intend for perfect manifestation. This Harmony with All Life supports our ability to remove evil and negativity in a way that it can no longer harm us or does not last long in our lives. Our connection with the outer world must come through the inner feeling.

You will learn how to access and develop your physical body “Energy Field” your spiritual body “Energy Field” your light body “Energy Field” and soul body core “Energy Field”! This is the foundation of your energetic growth and ability to move forward in your holy body lifestyle. You can build the car, but it must have the gas in the tank for the engine to fly up the highway of life and manifest! From this point with Rev. Goddess you will learn how to Merge. Merging sessions (Intend To Be One) is where the Energy Fields gets the Boost!

Uniting Sex & Spirit is vital energetically and physically.

To know more about private sessions with Rev. Godess….http://thesensuousmystic.com/services/energetic-ceremonies-uniting-sex-spirit-ways/



Click link to listen LIVE or call in from your phone line: 646-929-2045!


July 12, 2017
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm