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All You Had To Do Was Ask

April 14, 2018 @ 11:30 am - 1:30 pm


All You Had To Do Was Ask

The Art of: Prayer ~ Meditation ~ Merging & Sex

Online Seminar

All You Had To Do Was Ask

In this seminar with Rev. Goddess Charmaine, you will learn the real power around Prayer, Meditation, Merging and Sex. You will learn how to apply these abilities and when it’s best to use them and how often.

I have always had a strong belief in the mysteries of life. I had a strong need to rise in my physical body and to believe that “I Mattered!”

I do trust the process. I encourage anyone taking this seminar to ask yourself, do you trust? Do you want to trust without fear? Do you have a belief that helps you to stay open to God Goddess, All that is?

Joining this seminar will empower you to truly and clearly see how to step firmly into your Divine Birthright of Prosperity on Earth white Uniting Sex & Spirit!

Prayer ~ a form of internal or outward spiritual call and dialog for help, understanding, support, or courage from god.

Prayer is the oldest form of spiritual development.

Many of us misuse prayer and are struggling with their faith or spiritual life because of it.

Many of us only pray and wonder why they go through a vicious cycle of ups and downs in their lives.

Many of us may find their prayer life lacking and are wondering why?

Meditation ~ An internal or physical process of a spiritual discipline to develop oneness, balance and mastery in oneself and the world.

Meditation is probably the most preferred or healthiest way people better themselves. Meditation has mainstreamed into most peoples lives and has even become a prescription by doctors to help people heal.

Meditation practices vary so much that there isn’t even much spiritual meaning to some of the techniques taught.

Yoga, Breathing, Tai Chi, Qigong, Chakra, Chanting and even regular exercises or dancing have been incorporated into meditation practices.

Many people find themselves in a stop/start process with meditation and cannot understand why?

Merging ~ Is a belief that within us in a Source point area that is directly connected to all life created, and by focusing in this area, we then “Merge” within deeper and also with other living things and beings and can grow, evolve, benefit, and help raise ours and others vibration and frequencies.

Merging is mostly known through Shamans and Whisperers.

To “Vibrate Like” something is to match that frequency and the person or living being with the most intensity and consciousness can then “Become One With” and support the other in healing, growth or whatever that other living being needs.

There are different types of Shamans all over the world, and each will have their specific way of impacting the world. Some are attuned to plants and offer healing through them. Some have a connection to animals and can help them (the animals) or even help others with this animal spirit abilities within them through their frequency and unspoken words.

Some are called crystal whispers or mushroom whisperers and each shaman or whisperer have a strong intensity and consciousness about all life or their specific connection to another entity and then they develop their ability and can impact the world with it.

Individually a person Merges to develop themselves through the connection to All Life. All Elements, all Humans, all Crystal and Rock and all Animals. With Source Beings, Beings of Light, Nature Beings, and in All Dimensions.

Sex ~ Sex is an act of power. First realized by body sensations to awaken our consciousness of it’s presence. Sex is the evolving awareness of our relationship to our genitals for pleasure and eventually this growing pleasure in contact with others. Sex is our way back to God/Goddess the Life Force in us expressed to create other life and evolve.

Sex is misused and abused. It is a source of pain for many and those that love it are labeled with derogatory names that only add to the curse and abuse of us all.

Sex has been used to gain power over others, and because of this, has caused a serious split in our personal psyche and in Society starting back thousands of years ago.

The truth about our Sexual Selves is that most of our physical and spiritual growth occurs during adolescence and that power of growth is in our sexual awareness and experiences with our selves (masturbation/self love) and with others, (releasing our virginity).

Saturday April 14th, 11:30 to 1:30pm EST

$45 per person paid through PayPal in advance to reverendgoddess@gmail.com

Online on Zoom

2 hours

You will receive link to Zoom 24 to 48 hours before Seminar, sent to your email address.


April 14, 2018
11:30 am - 1:30 pm