Book: The Sensuous Mystic: Uniting Sex and Spirit – 2nd Edition

The Sensuous Mystic: Uniting Sex and Spirit

by Reverend Goddess Charmaine

Second edition! Revised and updated for 2010!

This book includes individual and group case stories as well as exercises. It is written in a format similar to erotic short stories, with explicit sexual inter-union. This radical process illustrates how real and divine we all are in our most vulnerable and powerful states.

Reverend Goddess Charmaine will take you on a journey through some of the most beautiful as well as the most shameful sexual feelings and addictions. In assimilating these case studies, we see that we are all created with equal power and blessings. We are sexual and divine all the time, and with The Sensuous Mystic, we will see how this erotic energy permeates our minds, fulfilling our soul.

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