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I really appreciate all of the love and support while I build my New Nude Uniting Sex & Spirit Site. Our Vision is to not be censored in my erotic ministry! It’s been a journey for me to step fully into who I am as Rev. Goddess Charmaine and being able to share myself in this way brings balance into my entire Being-ness!!! I know that this is not traditional and I know that some people question it. However, Truth will Always demonstrate itself in your life when you take a courageous step! I have taken that step in building my own platform and having the support of my loved ones and all of you, who have shown me through your messages etc. that this path is honored and we can all rise heal and take back our sexual spiritual power that is rightfully ours from before birth! I stand as an example of how to do this and as a symbol of erotic enlightenment! I am Reverend Goddess Charmaine ~ The Sensuous Mystic and NOW Completely alined as The Pussy In The Sky Goddess!

May we all continue to RISE and Be Blessed 1,000,000 FOLD…..Goddess Blessings


And So It Is…..


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