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Black Fury 2021 / 2022

Current PROMO



Hi Everyone,

I have some news. I was approached about an opportunity to be in a movie. I spoke with the producer and writer, Stanley V. Hensen Jr. to learn more about the movie and their desire for me to be in it. They found me on YouTube. This is with Amazon Independent Studios. I auditioned and I was selected and cast to be in a movie called Black Fury. It’ll be released next February 2021. I’m am beyond excited and my role is Queen Mother. 

Queen Mother is the best friend and tantric sex healer of Maya Hampton and mentor to her daughters. Maya’s daughters call her Auntie.


My STARmeter is going UP! Thanks Everyone!! Xoxoxo


You can find my actress profile on www.imdb.com if you feel like it you can track me or give me a (heart) to help my STARmeter ranking. You can create a free profile to do that. Otherwise, I wanted you all to be the first to know about my opportunity to basically play myself in a movie. Hahahahahaha HOLLA!!

I hope that I do well and am effective as Queen Mother for the Black Fury movie and to continue to be a blessing to all those I am in contact with. And may my pussy merged with my Heart lift everyone into the Sky to evolve in the fantasy of our lives. I get to be naked on the BIG Screen, come see me!

Goddess Blessings


You can search Black Fury 2021 online and see more info.

Longer promo for Black Fury Movie





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