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1st Week Anniversary of ThePussyInTheSkyGoddess.com


Come Fly With Me:

This is the place to watch fun erotic videos

This is the place to learn about uniting sex and spirit

This is the place to feel sexy and free

This is the place to achieve erotic enlightenment

This is the place to love your holy Body

This is the place to evolve your sucking fucking licking and loving

Members are entitled to unrestricted access to:

Live Erotic Readings (Exerpts from my Books)

Live Erotic Tarot Card Readings

Live Streaming Sessions

New Videos Added Often

Plus Many Old Favorite Videos

My Photos

My Vision:

I want us to grow as a Spiritual Erotic Community!

I now have a beautiful amazing platform that is my True HOME to teach preach and love our Wet Pussy Power Merged with our Hearts and Hard Cocks Merged with our Hearts!

I Intend to make myself more available for you all as we journey through the ups and downs of life and expand and grow into our sexual power by uniting Sex & Spirit and aligning our Holy Bodies to manifest our Divine Birthright of Prosperity on Earth.

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